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As per east India is one of the country’s most neglected pearls. It is bountiful in characteristic magnificence and gives sufficient freedoms to a wide range of exercises from reviving to audacious. Guwahati in Assam is the doorway to upper east India. Whenever you have investigated mainstream spots to visit in Guwahati like the Kamakhya sanctuary and the Brahmaputra riverside, you are allowed to move along and investigate the remainder of Assam and Meghalaya which have a wonderful shock for you at each alcove and corner. Be it the staggering natural life in this district or the beautiful mountain sees, you will feel honored to be away from the hustle clamor of your city as you investigate these astounding ends of the week escapes from Guwahati consistently. You will track down a wide scope of choices with regards to short excursions from Guwahati. From tea manors to stream islands, Guwahati has something for a wide range of voyagers. So here is some astounding end of the week escapes from Guwahati that you should visit on your short excursions.

Pobitora wildlife sanctuary

pobitora wildlife sanctuary
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One of the lesser known untamed life asylums in India, Pobitora is extraordinary for its populace of the incomparable Indian one-horned rhinoceros. It is found helpfully near Guwahati and merits a visit for any individual who is keen on nature and untamed life. In addition to the fact that it is a quiet and peaceful escape, it additionally gives a sneak look into the natural life in this piece of the country. It is likewise very economical and makes for an incredible brief end of the week trip. So in the event that you are searching for a loosening up end of the week escape amidst nature, Pobitora is probably the smartest choice.

Distance from Guwahati: 50 km (around 1 hour and 40 minutes)

Best time to go: The best an ideal opportunity to visit Pobitora untamed life asylum is from November to March. The climate is lovely as of now and absences of downpours guarantees that the park is open for travellers.

Where to stay: There are a few choices for convenience inside the untamed life asylum compound. You can discover spending stays like quarters starting at Rs 600 every night just as mid-range choices with rooms beginning at Rs 4000 per night. Zizina Otis Resort (+91 98540 20651) and Prashanti Guest House (+91-9854092192) are acceptable busget alternatives with rooms beginning at Rs 1400 every evening. Prashanti likewise has a dorm with beds leased at Rs 600 every evening.

Sightseeing: Pobitora natural life safe-haven is known for the incomparable Indian one-horned rhinoceros. Along these lines, the best activity here, aside from unwinding in the delightful outskirts of the asylum, is to require the 1-hour safari. You can take an elephant safari which starts promptly toward the beginning of the day at 6.30 or you can decide on the jeep safari which goes on between 6.30 am to 12.00 pm and 1 pm to 3.30 pm. The safari costs Rs 500 for every head.

Tips to remember: The elephant safari happens just once every day at 6.30 in the first part of the day. So on the off chance that you are intrigued, ensure you arrive at the primary door by 6.15 am.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park 
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Apparently, India’s best natural life safe-haven, Kaziranga National Park is a totally should visit for any individual who goes toward the upper east. In the event that it’s adequate for Prince William and Kate Middleton, it should be sufficient for you, correct? Kaziranga is mainstream for having the biggest populace of the incomparable Indian one-horned rhinoceros. It is home to 66% of the world’s one-horned rhinos and as of the most recent statistics, the rhino check here is 2401. It likewise has the biggest thickness of tigers in India as it has one tiger for each every 5 sq. Km. With 118 tigers, recognizing the heavenly wild monster is an incredible chance here. . Kaziranga additionally has the biggest populace of Asiatic water bison (1666) so make certain to run into a portion of these creatures during your safari. Indeed, even the drive to Kaziranga public park is so pleasant and fantastic that your outing feels absolutely awesome even before you take the safari.

Distance from Guwahati: 194 km (around 3 hours and 30 minutes)

Best time to visit: Kaziranga National Park stays shut for guests from mid-April to mid-October because of weighty rains in this area during the rainstorm. Along these lines, the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kaziranga National Park is throughout the cold weather a long time of November to February.

Where to stay: There are a few convenience choices on the primary street right external the section door of Kaziranga public park. Agoratoli Eco Tourism Resort (097060 10838), Kaziranga Resort (+91-94351 52968) or Aranya Tourist Lodge (03776-262-429) are acceptable choices for an agreeable, cheap stay.

Sightseeing: The best activity at Kaziranga is to take the untamed life safari and witness the charming one-horned rhinoceroses in their common natural surroundings. You likewise have an incredible possibility of spotting tigers, bison, wild elephants and the eastern marsh deer. The safari timings are 6.30 am to 10 am and 1 pm to 3 pm.

Tips to remember: Hiking is disallowed in the recreation center to stay away from possible human-creature clashes. So regard the guidelines of the woods and furthermore ensure you don’t litter in this locale.


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Majuli is the biggest stream island on the planet and is situated on the waterway Brahmaputra in Assam. It is quite possibly the most excellent yet neglected spots in the country. This is the thing that makes it exceptional for anybody searching for a short get-away in the center of nature with no group or city hustle clamour. It is an extraordinary spot to simply take it easy taking a gander at the awesome landscape around you. It is otherwise called the social capital of Assamese progress since the sixteenth century. Celebrations like Raas Purnima and the Majuli celebration are praised with incredible zing here and offer an astounding look into the way of life of this locale.

Distance from Guwahati: 348 km (roughly 7 hours and 30 minutes)

Best time to visit: Majuli can be visited throughout the entire year. It gets overflowed during the downpours yet amusingly, it makes it simpler to go around in boats. The best an ideal opportunity to visit Majuli is from November to February when the climate is amazingly charming.

Where to stay: Majuli has bountiful convenience alternatives including lodgings, cabins and guesthouses. Rooms start as low as Rs 150 for every individual. You can attempt La Maison de Anand (+91-99571-86356) or Prashanti Eco-the travel industry Resort (094357-34138) for an agreeable, modest stay at Majuli.

sightseeing: Most attractions in Majuli are known for their strict importance. The noticeable sacred spots of Majuli are Dakhinpat Satra, Garmur and Auniati satra, Kamalabari satra and they are largely worth a visit. They frequently have society singing and dance exhibitions which are an incredible encounter. Tengapania situated on the banks of the stream Brahmaputra is another famous outing spot of this area.

Tips to remember: Over the years because of substantial downpours in the locale, the island of Majuli is getting immersed in specific zones causing disintegration and lessening land mass as the Brahmaputra goes into a spate. It is expected that going on like this, Majuli could stop to exist in the following not many years. Along these lines, visit it while you actually can.


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And afterward there is Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya and quite possibly the most dynamic and mainstream excursions from Guwahati! Shillong has an incredible blend of normal magnificence and social occasions. It is encircled by excellent lakes, hypnotizing mountains and amazing cascades. From the food to the music, Shillong is the social center point of Meghalaya. The well known Khasi food which includes bubbling or cooking instead of singing in oil and restricted utilization of flavors (counting salt) is very mainstream all over India. Local people are agreeable and the bars serve some astounding drinks and suppers. Add to this the wonderful climate and the grand quality of the spot and what you have is outstanding amongst other occasion spots of the country.

Distance from Guwahati: 99 km (2 hours 40 minutes)

Best time to visit: Shillong is best visited in the cold weather a very long time of November to February. While rainstorm in upper east India can likewise be a decent encounter as the cascades are on the whole their magnificence, going for touring turns into an issue so it is ideal to keep away from this territory during the downpours.

Where to stay: Shillong has a few choices for facilities like retreats, lavish lodgings, guesthouses, and homestays where you can appreciate an agreeable stay. A few alternatives worth difficult are Lakkhotaa Lodge (0364-259-0523, 259-0524), Royal Heritage – Tripura Castle (+ 91-364-250-1111/250-1149), and Hotel Pinewood: (0364) 222-3116, 222-3146. More choices here.

sightseeing: Shillong is brimming with great vacation spots worth visiting. The Shillong top gives you an astounding perspective on the whole city. Ward’s lake and the green are awesome outing spots. The Elephant falls merit looking at.

Tips to remember: Police Bazaar in Shillong has a superb assortment of slows down offering lip-smacking road food. Absolutely worth an attempt! Do attempt the momos here as they will be not normal for the ones you eat elsewhere. Wash Cafe situated close to Beat House on Laitumkhrah Main Road serves astounding pork ribs and chicken dish and is swarmed by local people. Bistro Shillong, quite possibly the most acclaimed bistros in Shillong, serves delectable khao-suey and Shillong exceptional noodles.

Nameri public park

Another secret jewel in the upper east, Nameri public park is a flat out must-visit for natural life sweethearts. Situated at the lower regions of the eastern Himalayas around 35 km from Tezpur, Nameri National Park is spread across 200 sq. Km. Nameri is generally celebrated as it is the last home to the White-winged wood duck. With pretty much 150 odd sets staying, the species is profoundly jeopardized. A gigantic populace of the winged wood ducks flourishes in the Nameri public park making it a very significant public park in India. The public park additionally has a decent populace of elephants, wild pigs, buffaloes, covered langurs, goliath squirrels, panthers, mountain bears, and sloth bears. The Golden Masheer fish which is known as the ‘Tiger of the Himalayan Rivers’ is popular here. Assuming you are keen on photography, Nameri public park is the greatest end of the week escape from Guwahati for you as it is home to birds like hornbills, wood ducks and plovers, honey bee eaters and motor-mouths giving you adequate freedoms for extraordinary snaps. There are additionally around 600 types of vegetation in the Nameri National Park making Nameri an incredible spot for nature darlings.

Distance from Guwahati: 224 km (around 4 hours and 25 minutes)

Best an ideal opportunity to go: The best an ideal opportunity to visit Nameri public park is from November to March. This is the point at which the climate is lovely and it is not difficult to spot creatures and birds. Nameri is best stayed away from during the downpours.

Where to stay: There are a few convenience alternatives in Nameri National Park. In the event that you are taking a gander at a luxuruirious stay, you ought to consider Wild Masheer situated at Addabarie tea home in Balipara. It has legacy cottages found right in the midst of rich greenery. Your best spending convenience alternatives are Nameri Eco camp (03714 292 644) and Jia Bhorelli wild retreat (+91 03715 247109) with rooms beginning around Rs 1500 every evening.

Touring: Best activity at Nameri public park is bird watching. With such countless types of birds and creatures, the safari is probably the best insight for guests. You can likewise go waterway boating in the 13 km stretch on stream Jia Bhoreli. The boating course takes around three hours and it is ideal to join it with an excursion on the banks of the stream. You can go journeying with an outfitted timberland gatekeeper to detect the wild however it is encouraged to adhere to the safari for this. Calculating has been a most loved movement in this area as there are a few spots in Nameri ideal for this sort of fishing. The Bura-Chapori natural life safe-haven is only 10 km away from Nameri is additionally worth visiting. The Agnigarh fortress found 40 km away is likewise a decent outing spot.

Tips to remember: If you are keen on calculating in Nameri, be prompted that it requires uncommon allows ahead of time and is frequently suspended. There are a few pieces of Nameri National park where guests are permitted to swim yet except if you have taken earlier consent, don’t enjoy into such dangers.


Made very mainstream by the sobriquet “cleanest town in Asia”, Mawlynnong is an excellent little town in the insides of Meghalaya ignoring the fields of Bangladesh. Mawlynnong was given the title of Asia’s cleanest town in 2003 by Discover India magazine and it has clutched the title from that point forward. On account of the title, individuals began visiting this town which is a significant drive from other mainstream places like Shillong and Cherrapunji. Which began with a couple of guests consistently has developed into an immense surge of vacationers. Today, Mawlynnong has gotten one of the must-visit objections in Meghalaya. From explorers to couples and unfamiliar travelers to Indian families, everybody visits Mawlynnong. The town has an exacting cleaning system wherein each day, everybody from children to elderly folks begin cleaning the frontyards of their separate houses and even the primary square. Each house is dabbed with green plants and trees and there are funnel shaped receptacles at each alcove and corner. This isn’t a result of the cleanest town tag. Everything began over a century prior when the a flare-up of cholera prompted a critical need to keep the town clean so it doesn’t spread. From that point forward, the message of tidiness spread by Christian preachers has remained with the inhabitants of the town and gave to people in the future. This and more can be learned thorugh discussions with the agreeable local people of Mawlynnong.

Distance from Guwahati: 172 km (roughly 4 hours and 40 minutes)

Best time to visit: Best an ideal opportunity to visit Mawlynnong is throughout the colder time of year monehts of November to February. This is the point at which the climate is charming and you can appreciate clear perspectives on Bangladesh from the different survey focuses in the town.

Where to stay: Mawlynnong has a few homestays which offer agreeable rooms at reasonable costs. Think about Ila Jong Guest House (+91-96150-43027) or Ha La Rympei (+91-96158-23660) which have rooms beginning at around Rs 2500. You may likewise have the option to search for something less expensive in the event that you arrange.

Touring: Mawlynnong is a delightful town where you can go through a day or two simply strolling around and retaining the way of life of this spot. You can scale to the tree house and catch a brief look at Bangladesh as well. The best action here is to look at the single-decker living-root connect in the close by Rewai town. The living root connect is only a 15-minute from the town entrance. Just around 30 km from Mawlynnong is the excellent Dawki which is mainstream for the perfectly clear green waters of the Umngot waterway. A 20-minute boat ride in this stream costs around Rs 200 however is absolutely great!

Tips to remember: Do not litter here, that ought to be self-evident. Local people are sweet however conventional so regard their sensibilities by dressing properly. Very few individuals in and around Mawlynnong communicate in Hindi so talking in English is the route forward.


Hajo is a famous journey community which is found near Guwahati. It holds extraordinary importance for Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. Hajo is home to altars committed to Durga, Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha and significant Muslim holy people making it a significant journey place for supporters of every one of these religions. Hajo is additionally an extraordinary window to Assamese culture. Different varities of rice like cheera, muri, akhoi, and pithguri are set up here. A visit to Hajo is ideal for those with a strict and social twisted.

Distance from Guwahati: 36 km (around 1 hour and 10 minutes)

Best an ideal opportunity to go: The best an ideal opportunity to visit Hajo is during the storm. June to September is the point at which the climate is amazingly charming here. Summers get excessively brutal and during winters, the temperature drops to 7 degree C.

Where to remain: Since Hajo is so near Guwahati, it is a vastly improved alternative to remain in Guwahati instead of search for convenience in Hajo. Guwahati has a lot of spending plan just as mid-range alternatives for an agreeable stay.

Touring: Hajo’s most mainstream vacation spot isHayagriva Madhava Mandir. There is a goliath antiquated turtle in this sanctuary which is celebrated with guests. It is accepted by certain Buddhists that this sanctuary, situated on the Monikut slope, is the place where Buddha accomplished nirvana. Gautama Buddha’s relics are supposed to be saved in this sanctuary. The Pao Mecca mosque worked by Muslim holy person Pir Giasuddin Aulia is another well known spot to visit in Hajo. There is a Ganesha sanctuary in Hajo which was built in 1744 AD. Different sanctuaries worth visiting incorporate the Kedareswara Temple, a Shiva sanctuary, has an engraving on the sanctuary showing that it returns to the Rajeswar Singha period.

Tips to remember: Some of the sanctuaries in Hajo are situated on hillocks and contacting them includes some climbing. Ensure you are fit and wear agreeable footwear.

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