Tourist Attraction Spot in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is globally recognized as the Steel City of India.  After all, the Tata group has contributed a lot to the city.  Here you can visit the lake, temple, wild life century as well as the stadium.

1. Dimna Lake 
The charming surroundings of this place, situated at a distance of 13 km from the city, is best suited for picnics and boating.  Tourists mostly visit this place between November to February.  The city gets water from this lake.  Dimna’s Lake House is situated on the banks of the lake.

2. Tata Zoological Park
Situated near the confluence of the Kharkai and Suvarnarekha rivers, this safari park provides for the tourists to roam in the forest where animals can be found roaming around.  The Nature Education Center in Zoo is a supplement to the flora and fauna group.
 Tourists can enjoy boating in the water of Jubilee Lake.  The picnic spots and nature signs here make the environment more captivating.  The park has a beautiful lake where boating can be done and it is located near Jubilee Park.  It is a very beautiful place for all nature lovers.
 Seeing migratory birds every year during the winter season can be a wonderful experience for bird lovers.  The park has a beautiful lake and a small boat house.

3. Hudco Lake
Located in the hilly area of ​​Telco Colony, this lake is a perfect place for those who love nature.  You can come here and take a very beautiful view of the steel industry, Tata Engineering, Lafarge Cement and Tata Powers from the top of the mountain.  Nearby lakes and parks can be enjoyed in the evenings and weekend holidays.  The landscape around the lake makes this entire area quite panoramic.

4. Jubilee Park 
The lush green Jubilee Park is covered with flowers, gardens and sparkling waterfalls.  It was presented as a gift by the Tata Steel Company to the people of Jamshedpur on its Golden Jubilee.  It is a major attraction within the city limits and can be reached easily from any direction.  People come here from many places and get information about the decoration of this park.

5. Dalma Wild Life Century
 In this wild life century you can see red squirrel, jungle fowl, wild boar, kotra, deer, hyena, bear, langur and elephant.  This century is spread over an area of ​​195 square kilometres.  To save this century from predators, people who come here have to go through many tolls.  A lot of work is being done on the maintenance of this wild life century.

6. Golpahadi Temple
Golpahdi is one of the most Famous Temple  in Jamshedpur. Situated Near Tata Nagar Railway Station, the Golpahari temple is situated on a hilltop and is dedicated to the Goddess of the Pahari mountains.  By walking 100 steps you can reach the Golpahadi temple.  The temple is situated at a very high height, so the view of the city from below is amazing.

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