Top 4 beaches in bengal

Top 4 Beaches in  Bengal 

Top 4 Beaches in Bengal

The beauty and charm of the top 4 beaches in Bengal has always been special and invites tourists to themselves.  That sweet sound of the waves, the panoramic view of the sunset and that feeling of soft sand, aha!  These different attractions give a different feeling, completely different from other tourist places.  We never get bored sitting on the seashore and seeing its limitlessness.  Along with this beauty, West Bengal is also rich in the North-East state, whose scene makes magic.

Let us learn about the same picturesque beaches of Kolkata in this article today.

1.Mandarmani Beach

mandarmani beach

 Mandarmani, a coastal village situated close to Kolkata, is gaining popularity among the people for enjoying the holidays on weekends.  It is one of the other developing beaches in India located in the East Midnapore district.  The enthusiastic environment around Mandarmani beach attracts travelers every time.  It is also called the cleanest form of Digha Beach, hence it is one of the favorite tourist destinations of West Bengal.
To know more about Mandarmani click here

2. Digha Beach

Digha beach

Another coastal version was developed as the new Digha in West Bengal and is now more popular than the old Digha Beach.  Tourists like to come here throughout the year and have a lot of fun.  In recent times, it has become the most preferred tourist destination for tourists from Kolkata and other surrounding areas.  The vibrant and lively attraction of Digha Beach is one of the best tourist places located near Kolkata. To know more about Digha you can click here

3. Bakkhali Beach 

Bakkhali Beach 

 Bakkhali is a small island located in Namkhana known for two twin beaches, Bakkhali and Fresarganj.  The most special thing about this beach is the vilayati cypress (Casurina) trees along the line.  Other islands located near Bakkhali are part of the Sundarbans.  The breathtaking waves on the sea and the unique variety of vegetation make this place one of the desirable unusual destinations of West Bengal. To know more about Bakkhali click here

4. Tajpur Beach

4. Tajpur Beach
Tajpur Beach is a stretch of coastline, located between Mandarmoni and Shankarpur. However, this is the middle that people are not yet aware of. If you want to experience peace on the sea side then this will be the perfect place for you because it is not crowded like the rest of the beaches like Digha Beach. The serene and clean Tajpur Beach is a growing tourist destination on the path of development.  Certainly it is the best possible region to become a famous place in West Bengal. To know more about Tajpur Beach click here

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