Tajpur beach

Tajpur Beach 

Tajpur Beach

Wish you find a quiet place where you can meet your soul and have a private beach nearby.  Tajpur is one of such secluded natural places in West Bengal, just a few miles away from the state capital Kolkata.

Sea Shore 

There are many strange facts about Tajpur Beach that provide a wonderful experience to the tourists.  Unlike the usual crescent pattern of most beaches, the Tajpur beach is in reverse crescent, which offers a very beautiful view of the horizon and the sea.  The beach is surrounded by forests that enhance the beauty of nature.  This beach is dark red due to the thousands of red crabs living and hiding in the sand.  1 km from the beach  Below is a beautiful lagoon that provides a glimpse into the life of the fishermen of the region.

Nature camp

The Tajpur Nature Camp in Tajpur is a luxury property opposite the beach.  It offers tourists large gardens, swings in front of the beach, the best food and drinks and a memorable afternoon experience.  There are casuarina and eucalyptus trees all around this place which promises to give you a feeling of joy when you walk barefoot on the beach.

Tajpur Beach
 Exciting game
 There are cheap and affordable exciting sports available in Tajpur especially for children, such as paragliding, river rafting, banana rides and rock climbing.  This beach is full of brokers who can also come to you.  Especially if you are not a local resident, then take care not to disturb them unnecessarily.
How to reach Tajpur
Tajpur is well connected by road.
Tajpur weather
The climate of Tajpur is hot and humid.
 Best time to visit Tajpur
 The best time to visit Tajpur is during winter.

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