Shantiniketan – Visva Bharti university

Shantiniketan – Visva Bharti university

Shantiniketan - Visva Bharti university

Indian art and literature have been a major contributor to national construction.  Literature writers and creators have always maintained India’s reputation on the world stage.  If we talk about Bengal, then this state has also given the country great writers, among whom Rabindranath Tagore’s name is a pioneer.


The Nobel Prize-awarded Rabindranath Tagore’s narrations and his creations have always been an inspiration to art lovers.  Today, in this special article, we are going to tell about the particular place of intellectual thinker of India, which was always connected with his life.  We are talking about Santiniketan in West Bengal, which is considered to be a favorite place for art lovers from India and abroad.
Santiniketan is known for its Visva-Bharati University, where students from every corner of the world come to study.  If you are a lover of art and history, then you must come here once.  Through this article, know about the special places of Santiniketan that people from all over the world come to see.

Tagore House

Shantiniketan - Visva Bharti university

Tagore House is that special place of Santiniketan where Rabindranath used to spend more time.  This building was built in Bengali style by Tagore’s father.  The building complex over a large area is very attractive to see.

There are several rooms inside it where you can see various art facts.  You can feel the lifestyle of that great writer by coming here.  It is a special place for art and history lovers.

Amar cottage

Shantiniketan - Visva Bharti university

Amar cottage is also counted among the special sightseeing places of Santiniketan, where you can buy products made with traditional style.  You can purchase colorful handloom products, accessories made of clothes.  It is also a museum where sculptures are displayed.

It is believed that India was also associated with many Organizations of freedom struggle.  You can see Bengali culture and traditional products here.  This is a special place you must visit.

Kala Bhavan

Shantiniketan - Visva Bharti university
Kala Bhavan is also one of the most special buildings in Santiniketan, which represents this cultural heritage. This is the Vishwa Bharati Education Institute, which was founded by Rabindranath Tagore. Students of art field are educated here.
 The Kala Bhavan is wonderful to see from a distance, the artwork on the outer wall with the entrance door well illustrates its importance. Kala Bhavan of Visva Bharati is known all over the world. That’s why tourists keep coming here.


Shantiniketan - Visva Bharti university
 Chestnut is also counted among the main sites of Santiniketan.  The site was built by Devendranath Tagore for art, meditation and other activities.  Tourists visiting Santiniketan like to come here.  The lush green surroundings provide immense mental peace.
 You can spend some time in solitude by coming here.  The chestnut is full of lush green trees.  This place associated with Tagore provides a very special experience.

Rabindra Bharti Museum

Shantiniketan - Visva Bharti university
 Apart from the above mentioned sites, you can plan a visit to the Rabindra Bharati Museum here.  This is a special place where there is a large collection of art works associated with Rabindranath Tagore.  Here you will find manuscripts from those literary works.  You can visit here to understand Bengali culture and compositions to Tagore.

 For art lovers, there is no better place than this.  This museum has preserved invaluable cultural and historical heritage for many years.

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