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Purulia district is one of the twenty three districts of West Bengal state in Eastern India.

Purulia is one of the places on the western border of West Bengal, situated amidst greenery and flanked by waterfalls and natural wildlife.  Kangsabati and Panchet Sarovar supply water to Purulia and for photographers this place is like heaven.  Saheb Dam is another small lake where you can enjoy boating (boating) and fishing (fishing).  A bird named Pakhi Pahar is found in Purulia which is called the bird of the mountains.  These birds are attracted to the rocks of the mountains, due to which they got this name.

 Tourist places in and around Purulia
 Deer Park (deer park) and Ajodhya Hills (hill) located near the Kangsabati dam are the two major tourist attractions that promote Purulia tourism.  The view of the city is beautiful and it is influenced by the Australian company which builds designer houses named Purulia.  Purulia’s attractions include Shyam Rai Temple and Bihari Nath Hill.  Joychandi Pahar is another scenic spot which attracts tourists due to its hilly area.
 The festival of Durga and Kali Puja is loudly celebrated in Purulia.  In Diwali, the entire city appears decorated and painted with different colors.  The people of Santhal tribe celebrate Bandhana festival in which dance, music is organized and meat made.  Sometimes the local people also consume the native liquor called Handia.
How to turn around

 There is no transport problem in this city, yet it is good to have your own vehicle.  However, there are some hotels and lodges in Purulia which are equipped with all facilities and also have their own vehicles which can be hired.

 How to reach Purulia
 Purulia is well connected by road and rail.  It connects all major cities of West Bengal.
 Best time to visit Purulia
 The best time to visit Purulia is winters.

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