Patna – Capital of Bihar

Pataliputra or modern-day Patna, was an ancient city in India and today is the busy capital of Bihar.  Pataliputra has been the culmination of historical pride and political fortune for centuries.  It has the distinction of being one of the oldest cities in the world and has always had a glorious presence in history.  Pataliputra is located near the southern bank of the sacred Ganges River.

 Tourist places in and around Patna

 Tourists can experience Buddhism by visiting Vaishali, Kesariya and Bodhgaya.  Vaishali is known as the birthplace of Lord Mahavira and the place where Buddha gave his last sermon.  Vaishali has a beautiful Japanese peace temple and the beauty of the great lion at the top of the 2300-year-old Ashoka Pillar cannot be described in words.  Saffron is known for a long stupa where Buddha donated his begging bowl before death.
 Buddhist pilgrims and tourists from all over the world congregate in Bodh Gaya where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.  The roots of that real tree are still present there and many pilgrims like to meditate near it.  During the months of October to March, this area becomes a sea of ​​scarlet costumes when many pilgrims come to pray at this quiet place.  The Dalai Lama himself also spends a few months in Bodh Gaya.

 12 km from Dungeshwari Cave Temple Bodh Gaya  It is remote and apart from being a revered pilgrimage center for Buddhists and Hindus, these are unique examples of workmanship.  With many foreign travelers coming to this city, this city is a good place to learn knowledge and art.  All the rulers from Ajatshatru to the British Empire tried to make their presence felt through the strategic position of the city.  Patna tourism has some of the most interesting tourist attractions such as the Buddhist sites of Rajgir, Vaishali and Saffronia, Bodhi tree, Gandhi Setu, Golghar and Takht Sri Patna Sahib.
 Gandhi Maidan, formerly known as Patna Lawn, is located in the middle of Patna.  Its political and commercial importance is very high and major centers are located around it.  The city of Patna has a lot to offer as a result of centuries of rich heritage and intellectual disguise.  Patna as a city is full of the glory of teachings of many religions such as Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Islam which impart deep and soulful character.  Patna has a traditional humid and sub-tropical climate and the temperature rises a lot during the summer months.
 The city experiences hot summers and bitter winters and the best time to visit is between October to March.  Patna is famous for Mithila painting also known as Madhubani painting which is basically a folk art created by women using charcoal, spices and many vegetables as a color.  Tourists visiting Patna can see the places in various religious and historical architecture in abundance.

 Festivals of Patna

 Patna tourism offers pleasant opportunities for every type of choice and preference.  The Sonepur fair has become a part of the life of this city.  This festival, which began in the Mauryan era, is still celebrated every year in the month of November.
 The Sonepur fair is primarily an animal fair that attracts travelers from different parts of Asia.  All types of animals can be seen in this fair while the main attractions are elephants which are available for sale.  As a traveler, Patna tourism gives you a feeling of varied colors of human life to enjoy.

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