Gangani – The Great Canyon of Bengal

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Gangani – A perfect destination for Road Trip Lovers

Whenever the word “Canyon” is used about a destination in India, the first name which pops into mind is that of the hill station of Mahabaleswar. Yet, in the most unusual place in India lies a full-fledged gorge which at first look gives you the feeling of Grand Canyon of Arizona, USA.

Located in the Small town of Garbeta In the District of Purba Midnapur on the bank of river Silaboti this gorge of red soil gives an astonishing view that you can not prepare for. Locally know as “Gangani Danga” or “Gongoni Khola” this marvelous piece of art work is done by the nature itself through years of s oil erosion and with the help of The river Silaboti and rain.
In the plain lands of Bengal such a landscape is uncommon and exceptional, which is why this gorge is often referred to as Grand Canyon of Bengal. A stair case has been built up by the government to make the canyon accessable to every one.

History of Gangani
In the era of Mahabharat this Bakadwip was under the jurisdiction of Bakasur. Its kingdom was Betrabati. Bhimsen killed Bakasur. Srikrishna came from Dwaraka to congratulate Bhim. In memory of this Yudhisthir set up an image of Krishna. At present the image of God Krishna Rai Jew in the village of Krishnanagar is that very image set up by Yudhisthir. Other opinions about the nomenclature of Grahbeta. A vast area was called Baghratati. Once Siharuddin Bugrasah, the son of Samaduddiin Firoj Sah, the ruler of Bengal occupied this area. The place is named Bagri after the name of Siharuddin Bugrasah.

How to Reach?

1.      Kolkata – NH6 – Bagnan – Uluberia – Kolaghat – Mecho Gram – Ghatal – Chandrakona Town – Garhbeta
2.      Kolkata – NH6 – Bagnan – Uluberia – Kolaghat – Karagpur – NH60 – Godapiasal – Salboni– Garhbeta

There are several ways to reach Garbeta. You can drive all the way, of course. There are both trains and buses and you have several options. We decided to take the Howrah-Barbil Jansatabdi Express to Kharagpur and the Kharagpur-Hatiya Express onward to Garbeta. We would return by the Rajyarani Express directly to Santragachhi (10 km from Kolkata) from Garbeta.
The Howrah-Barbil Jansatabdi left Howrah at 6.20 am and reached Kharagpur at 8 am. We got about 40 minutes to book the tickets of the Kharagpur-Hatiya Express. It was supposed to leave at 8.40 am, though the train left a bit late. It was quite empty; in fact, it was so empty that we started having doubts whether we were on the right train! However, the journey to Garbeta turned out to be quite pleasant.

  • Best time to visit is December. 

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