Best Tourist Attraction in Kolkata

Kolkata – The city of joy


History of Kolkata

It is believed that the capital of Bengal used to be Murshidabad earlier.  In 1756 AD, Siraj-ud-Daula conquered it and made it his capital.  Just a year after that, in 1757 AD, Robot Clive, representing the English forces, conquered Murshidabad.  Calcutta became the capital of British India in 1772 AD and around 1912, Warren Hastings transferred all government offices to Calcutta.  After that, for a long time this place remained the capital of British India in the name of Calcutta.

Best Tourist Attraction in Kolkata

Kolkata Tourist Attraction Places to visit 

Kolkata has its own special importance in the metros of India.  Kolkata has a proud history.  There are many such arguments recorded here, which highlight many aspects of the pre-independence era.  There are various excursions here in which Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Eden Gardens, Dakshineswar Temple, Kalighat, Science City, Alipur Zoo, Birla Planetarium, Fort William, Tipu Sultan Mosque, Addasanku Thakurbadi etc. are the main sites.  A tour of Kolkata not only gives pleasure to travel, but also proves very helpful in getting many historical information.  A detailed description of these places is given below.

 Kolkata tour places and their features are as follows

  • Howrah Bridge

Best Tourist Attraction in Kolkata

Howrah Bridge is also named ‘Ravindra Setu’.  It is near Howrah station which connects Howrah to Kolkata.  In 1862, the Government of Bengal ordered George Turnbull, the chief engineer of the East India Railway Company, to build a pool on the Hooghly River.  Due to the marshy land along the shore, a lot of money was required for the foundation of this bridge.  In 1871, the Howrah Bridge Act was passed and then gradually the bridge came into existence.

 The special thing about this bridge is that not a single nut-vault has been used in the construction of this bridge.  Instead, the technique of rivet has been used in it.  Its construction consumed a total of 26,500 tonnes of steel.  Bridge was under the Mukherjee Commission, headed by R.N.  Mukherjee fixed a certain size for it.  It was designed by Mr. Walton and Miss Rendell.

In 1943 AD, Howrah Bridge was the third longest bracket bridge in the world.  In 2006, this place was reduced to the sixth place.  This is a kind of Muattali Bridge.
One of its specialties is that such a big bridge rests on only two pillars.  There is no support in the middle of this bridge.  Such artistry is seen in very few places.  Many people come from far and wide to see this workmanship.

  • Victoria memorial

Best Tourist Attraction in Kolkata
Victoria Memorial is a large palatial figure made of marble only.  It was constructed between 1906 AD and 1921 AD.  It was formally established in 1921.  This building was built in memory of Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901).  The British government of London had the support for the cost of its construction.  Its total budget was one crore five lakh rupees at that time.
 Marble used in the Taj Mahal was also used in its construction.  Its design seems to be similar to the design of Tajmahal.  This palace has octagonal umbrella, terraces and high entrance.
 There are a total of 25 galleries in which the Royal Gallery, National Leader Gallery, Portrait Gallery, Central Hall, Sculpture Gallery, Arms and Armoury Gallery, Calcutta Gallery are prominent.
 There are many big pictures of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the Royal Gallery.  These photos are replicas of the pictures of the Queen located in London.  Victim photographs depict scenes of Queen Victoria’s marriage with Prince Albert at Chapel Royal, Edward IV’s wedding, Victoria’s first silver jubilee at Westminster Abbey.
  • Eden Gardens

Best Tourist Attraction in Kolkata
Eden Gardens is a cricket stadium located in Kolkata.  It was established in 1864.  This is the ‘home ground’ of the Bengal cricket team.  All types of cricket tournaments can be played in it.  The ground is named after Eden, sister of Lord Auckland, the Governor General of British India.    Located in the B.B.D garden area.
 This is a very big stadium, in which about one lakh people can sit together and enjoy a match.  At the time of establishment, its capacity was about 66 thousand people.
 In this, the first Test match was played in 1934 and the first one-day match was played in 1987 AD.
 In this ground V.V.S.  Laxman scored the most Test match runs.  The Indian team scored the most ODI matches here.  The Indian team had scored 405 runs for five wickets in this match.
 Rohit Sharma scored the highest score of 264 runs in ODI against Sri Lanka in this ground.
  • Dakshineswar

Best Tourist Attraction in Kolkata
Dakshineswar is the temple of Kali, the mother goddess of Hindus.  It was built by Rani Rashmini.  It is believed that when Queen Rashmini was about to make a pilgrimage to Banaras, she had a dream of Mother Goddess, in which Mother said that she has no need to go to Benaras.  You build a beautiful temple on the banks of the Ganges and install it in it, and arrange for my worship.  By doing this, I will accept my worship happening there.
 This temple is based on the special architectural art of Bengal, Navratna.  This temple is of three floors with a gateway towards the south.  It has a total of 9 peaks.  This temple is spread over a total of 20 acres of land.
 The name of the idol of Mother Kali established in this temple is Maa Bhavatarini.  Ramakrishna Paramahamsa arrived in this temple in 1855 AD.  He was an assistant to his elder brother priest Ramkumar, after Ramkumar’s death, he became a priest here.
 The day of the installation of the idol of Goddess Kali in this temple was fixed on the day of ‘Snan Yatra’.  On 31 May 1855, many priests and pandits from various provinces of India were invited to worship.  Accepting this invitation, nearly one lakh priests took part in the idol installation.
 Rani Rashmini was able to stay here only for five years and nine months after the inauguration of this temple, after which her health started deteriorating.  Around 1861, after finding himself near death, he handed over his land, which he had bought in Dinajpur, to the trust of the temple, so that the temple’s care could be sustained.
 There are 12 temples of Lord Shiva in this temple.  Black and white stones have been used in these temples.  These temples of Lord Shiva are located near Kuthi Bari.  Shiva-lingas have been established in all temples.  All these temples have been built on the east side.
 In the north-eastern direction of the Dakshineswar temple, temples of Lord Vishnu are built.  In this temple there is a statue of Lord Krishna of twenty-one and a half inches and Radha of sixteen inches.  It is believed that Shri Ram Krishna Paramahamsa himself worshiped in this temple.
 This place becomes a center of attraction at the time of Kali Puja.  During this time the temple is decorated very well with the use of many lights and different types of flowers.  Devotees start waiting in line from the morning of worship and waiting for the main gate to open.
 Belur Math is located just three kilometres from Dakshineswar Temple, so visiting Belur Math is also very easy.
  • Belur Math

Best Tourist Attraction in Kolkata
 Belur Math is the headquarters of the monastery and mission established by Swami Vivekananda.  It is situated on the banks of river Hooghly.  Vivekananda Swami was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.  This monastery was the most important place for social reforms undertaken by Swami Ramakrishna.  Over the years, it has several branches in India and abroad, including 141 in India, 14 in Bangladesh, 13 in America, 2 in Russia and 1-1 in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Fiji, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland land etc.  Installed on.  In total, there are 187 branches of this mission and monastery worldwide.  Apart from this, many sub-schools were also opened.  Following are its many features.

The biggest feature of this temple is that it works to connect all religions.  In its architecture, Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc. are seen as equals.  In this way it also becomes a symbol of national unity.

 The main gate of this temple located in Belur Math has been constructed like the main gate of Buddhist temples, which gets even bigger inside and looks like temples located in South India.
 The windows inside the temple are built in the Rajputana style of northern India and the palaces of some Mughal emperors.  The temple is derived from the arts originating in the Middle European Renaissance period.  Its ground map is shaped like a Christian cross.
  • KaliGhat Temple

Kalighat kolkata
Kolkata has always been the center of spirituality, which is one of the reasons that people here have a lot of faith in deities.  Kalighat is the temple of Mother Kali.  Kalighat also has a place among the 51 Shaktipeeths of India.  It is believed that Sati’s toe fell here.  In January 1570 AD, Padmavati Debi, daughter-in-law of Sabarna Roychowdhury family, saw a divine light coming from Kali Kund.  On passing, it was seen that this light was coming from a small stone the size of a toe.  With this miracle, Laxmikant Roy Chaudhary was born in the month of October this year.
 The temple of Kali Maa seen in the present times is only 200 years old.  While its history is around the fifteenth century.  The original temple was a small hut in ancient times.  The present temple has been built by Santhosh Roy Chaudhary of the dynasty of Subarna Roy Chaudhary.
There is a plant named ‘Sosthi Tala’ in the temple.  It is a cactus plant with stones in its roots.  Those are called Maa Shoshti, Maa Sheetla and Maa Mangal Chandi.  It was founded in the year 1880 by a devotee named Govind Das.  It is also considered to be the tomb of Brahmananda Giri.  The religious rituals of this place are seen by women.
 Along with this temple is a temple of Lord Shiva, which is called Nakuleshwar Temple.  Also, there is a temple of Radha-Krishna in it.  It is said about the temple of Radha Krishna that it was established in 1723 AD.
 Due to being a Shakti Peetha, the importance here is huge.  It is believed that the vow offered here is very soon and on completion of the vow, the mother is offered a sacrifice.
 The idol of Maa Kali located in it is different from other Kali idols in Bengal.  The present statue was built by two sadhus, whose names were Atmaram Brahmachari and Brahmananda.  This statue is based on the form of ‘Mata Bhuvaneshwari’.  Mata Bhuvaneshwari is the total goddess of Subarna Roy Chaudhary’s family.
  • Science City

Science city kolkata
Science City is a science focused museum located in Kolkata.  Its main objective is to increase interest in science among the common people.  Its foundation was laid on 1 July 1997.  In this, many kinds of scientific things and facts have been presented in a very interesting way.  This b.  s.  Haldane is located in Avenue.  In one place, it showcases the things of Illusion, along with things like ‘Power of Tense’, ‘Fresh Water Aquarium’, ‘Live Butterfly Enclave’, ‘Science on a Sphere’.
Illusion is a permanent exhibition in which Illusion of the world is displayed in a very interesting way.
 There are 43 exhibits in the Power of Tense, which shows the smallest level of the universe increasing or decreasing in proportion to 10.
 The Fresh Water Aquarium located in it has a total of 26 tanks, in which different types of fish are displayed.  There is also a lot of description of the biodiversity of fish.
 There is an exhibition of butterflies in the ‘Live Butterfly Enclave’.  In this hall, a cinema ‘Colorful Creator’ continues, in which the life cycle of the butterfly is shown.
 It has built a circular projection system from the ‘National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’ (NOAA), which can be viewed by 70 people at the same time.  This exhibition is a total of 30 minutes.
 There is a science exploration house here.  This exploration house, established in the year 2016, is spread over 5400 square meters.  It has four main sections.  It has ‘Emerging Technology Gallery’, ‘Evolution of Life – A Dark Side’, ‘Panorama of Human Evolution’ and ‘Science and Technology Heritage of India’.
 It has a very large theater, which has a seating capacity of about 2200 people simultaneously.  About 100 participants can display their art simultaneously on the stage made in it.
 It also has a ‘Space Odyssey’ 3-D vision theater, in which scientific films are shown with the help of stereo back projection.  Along with this there are about 35 such exhibits, which show an exhibition based on the reflection of light.
Best time to visit Kolkata
Located on the eastern coast of India, Kolkata has a distinct tropical climate.  Here the weather of every month of the year is being told, so that you can plan according to your journey.
October to March: The onset of autumn makes the weather very pleasant and it is a wonderful time to visit Kolkata.  Apart from the weather, it is also a time for festivals.  Kolkata is alive during Durga Puja, meaning that all cities have many mandalas with idols of the beautiful Goddess Durga and many street food stalls.  Here Lakshmi Puja and Kali Puja are also very important.  The temperature here varies between 15 ° C to 25 ° C at this time.  December and January are the best months and for this time you may need light warm clothes, especially at night.  Sometimes it rains, which makes the weather pleasant.  Which can make it the best time to plan a holiday.
 April to May: This time is the hottest and the temperature here ranges from 40 ° to 30 ° C.  This weather is fine for carrying sunglasses and comfortable cotton clothes, but find it difficult to do sightseeing in summer.
 June to September: This time is the time of monsoon.  It is experienced here due to heavy rains at this time.  The temperature comes down when the humidity level increases. August is the worst month and it is caused by prolonged rainfall.  There is less rain in September and a mild cool breeze prevails in the evening, due to which it can be pleasant to do tourism here.
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