Bakkhali – A Road Journey Destination


The famous seaside Bakkhali is located in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.  It is a gateway to the urban way of life, a place to visit and enjoy the weather and its ideology.

Beach and Twin Cities Bakkhali Island is located 7 kilometres from the outpost between the two cities Bakkhali and Fraserganj.  These two are twin cities.  The beach is a rugged beach and is ideal for sports, cycling, running.  The island is close to the state capital Kolkata and does not take long to reach here.


How to reach Bakkhali

Bakkhali can be reached by road via State Highway 34 and Kolkata to National Highway 117 and is located at a distance of 140 km from the capital.

 Places to visit around Bakkhali

The beauty of Bakkhali lies in its seclusion.  Public transport on the island is quite limited, but you can hire a van rickshaw. Many tourist destinations such as Henry Island or Watch Tower can be reached by a van rickshaw.  In Henry Island, natural beauty can be enjoyed better in the presence of Kankaru, Palm, Sundari and other trees.  Mangrove trees are also abundant on the island’s coastline.

Jambu Island
Jambu Island Tourism is indebted to the local boats called Bhat-Bhati, which carry tourists to Jambu Island, a nearby island.  The enjoyment of the scenery is allowed only by sitting in a boat, and tourists cannot roam the island on their own, however, it is needed and it is appropriate.
Bakkhali Weather
The weather of Bakkhali is full of moisture.
Best time to visit Bakkhali
The best time to visit Bakkhali is during winter.
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