Adalaj Stepwell – Ahmedabad

An unknown history peeping through Gujarat’s air!
In order to conserve water in olden times, many wavas or stepwells were also built, which are also called wells.  Many stepwells are also famous among tourists with their mysterious stories.  One of those stepwells is the stepwell of Adalaj located in Gandhinagar district of Gujarat.

Adalaj Stepwell
Adalaj Stepwell  or Vav is a historic well located in Adalaj whose construction was started by Ranveer Singh.  You will clearly see the image and mastery of the architecture of that time in the well which will hypnotize you and take you back in the same period.  It is a wonderful piece of architecture.  Its architecture features Indian styles as well as Islamic styles.

Outer view of Adalaj Stepwell 
This Vava is made of five floors and octagonal.  This marvelous specimen of architecture stands on 16 pillars.  Here the sunlight reaches the inside for a short time, so the temperature inside it is only 6 degrees below the outside temperature.  The walls and pillars of the Vav have also carved statues of many gods and goddesses, whose people come to the village every morning to worship them.  People here also say that the statues of the new planet on its walls protect this stepwell.  Many people here replenish water from this well and come here and relax in the summer season for relief from the heat.
Amazing artwork done by workers at Adlaj Stepwell 
It is known from the article written on the marble stone on the first floor that it was built in 1499 by Rani Rudabai in memory of her husband Raja Ranveer Singh.
 Story related to well. 
According to local public, this well is said to have been started by Raja Ranveer Singh.  But when his Sultanate was attacked by a Muslim Sultan Beghara, he was killed in that war.  Sultan Beghara was fascinated by the beauty of Rani Rudabai, wife of Raja Ranveer Singh and proposed marriage before him.  The queen also placed a condition for the marriage to be completed at the appointed time, which was completed by Sultan Beghara at the appointed time.
Bottom view from inside Adlaj Stepwell 
As soon as the construction of the well was completed, the queen reached there to see it.  Since she did not want to marry Sultan Beghara, she gave up her life in a five-storey well.  It is said that the soul of Queen Rudabai still wanders in that well.
 Near that stepwell is the tomb of the workers who made the stepwell, the story behind it is that, on completion of this stepwell, Sultan Beghara killed those workers because he did not want to make such a stepwell again.  This amazing man-made artwork has been kept in view of the Archaeological Survey of India.

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